How to Actually Determine Your Hair Type (Or How to Get 3c Hair)

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Now here's a question that we hear way too often these days: "How doย I determine my hair type?" The question has worn some of our nerves so thin that many of us just respond by assuring the askers that their hair's other properties are much more important than their hair types. And that's pretty solid advice. Still, that answer isn't necessarily productive. These women did, after all, ask a specific question, so maybe they deserve a specific answer.

Shampooing Vs. Co-Washing: Which Is Better for Your Natural Hair?

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Shampoo has been given a bad name in the natural hair community. Many women with curly or kinky hair often accuse it of being too drying for their hair types. Conditioner, on the other hand, has been put on a pedestal. As a matter of fact, some of us think so highly of it that we clean our hair with it instead of shampoo. Some of the logic behind cleansing our hair with conditioner is technically solid. Our natural hair is dry by nature. Shampoo is drying. And when you mix dry with dry, you get a desert.

Nafrobelle’s Ultimate Guide to Detangling Natural Hair

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I had originally planned on covering a more controversial topic this week, but after some consideration, I decided to write a post about detangling natural hair instead. Thoughย the topic has been covered and recovered several times over by now, many naturals still struggle with detangling, so (apparently) you can never have too many vlogs/blogs dedicated to the subject.

How to Avoid DIY Hair Product Fails


DIY hair products are fairly common in the natural hair community. We whip up everything from deep conditioners to gels in our kitchens, and we're usually darn good at doing it. Sometimes, though, things go a little haywire in the kitchen. We walk away from those failed DIY projects lamenting the fact that we ever wasted quality ingredients on them.

4 Natural Hair Myths Debunked

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There is a science to your natural hair, even if you haven't quite figured it out yet. The various techniques, products, and "growth serums" you use on your hair work because they play well with your hair's unique properties.